Better Healing From Within!

A Natural Choice, Pure and Simple!


L-PRF stands for Leukocyte - Platelet Rich Fibrin. Leukocyte are also known as white blood cells. L-PRF comes from your own blood and only requires a small amount of blood draw. It is a very simple procedure that promotes healing and recovery of bone and gum tissues.  It has the ability to naturally fight infections and regenerate lost tissues. At Boisvert Dental we use it to promote wound healing after an extraction, to restore lost bone in implant dentistry and to address recessions of gum tissues in very specific indications.


It can be used on its own or be mixed with bone grafting material when needed for a ridge or socket augmentation. L-PRF is basically your own graft, 100% natural, 100% additive free and 100% bio-compatible. 

  • All Natural, 100% you

  • Simple Holistic Procedure

  • Latest Healing Technology

  • No Chemicals, foreign substances or additives - just you

  • FDA cleared medical device


Ozone dental therapy is a holistic treatment that significantly reduces the presence of harmful oral bacteria. We use it in form of water, gas and oils. Tremendous benefits are being observed, among others, for gum disease and deep decays. It is a great natural way to keep teeth alive and avoid root canal treatments when decays are close to the nerve.  

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